NGC 4565

Image acquisition by Torsten Grossmann; image-processing by Stargazer-Observatory.

Also available at NASA website.

Date: Summer 2009 - seeing 6-(7)/10; transp. 8/10

Scope: 7" TMB Apo f/7

CCD: Sbig 4020: 2,0 hours - luminance (10x12 min 1x1 binned) + synthetic lum drawn from RGB; 2.25 hours R,G,B (45 min each channel 2x2 binned. (dark calibration for RGB only, no flats)

Software: CCD Soft image acqu. guiding. Maxim DL CCD Stackpreprocessing

Processing: postprocess. PS CS4, Registax and Pix InSight LE


NGC 4564 aka "Needle-Galaxy" is located in the constellation "Coma Berenices" in the northern hemisphere. Discovered by William Herschel in 1785 this amazing galaxy is seein exactly edge-on and it appears pretty large in an eye-piece of an average amateur-telescope. It'S typical "needle-like" shape can be spotted at around 45 power and the impressive dark dust-ribbon is revelaed beyond 150 power in a high contrast telescope. Measuring about 15 arcminutes by 2 arcminutes, she gives a quite spectacular view,as she shines also quite brightly in the night skies at around 9m5, which would let expect a Messier-number.

NGC 4565 is noted to be some 30 Mio LY away from earth. from one tip to the other we are looking at 100.000 Lightyears.