NGC 891

Date: Oct. 2008 - seeing 6/10; transp. 7/10

Scope: 9" TMB Apo f/7 using TeleVue 0,8 reducer

CCD: SXV H16 - 3.3h 1x1 L; 40min 2x2 each color

(10 min subs)

Software: Astroart 4, CCD Stack, Maxim DL

Processing: postprocess in PS CS2


Discovered on 6th of October 1784 this beautiful edge-on galaxy shines quite bright at 10m9 in the constellation Andromeda. Measuring 13.1 arcminutes along the longitudinal axis, the galaxy can be considered relatively large.

Observed in a huge (at least 20 inches aperture) telescope located in decent viewing-conditions, one can easily see the dust-lane, which happens to be quite prominent at 400 power and beyond. What we see is how the galaxy looked like some 28 Mio years ago. Back in those days the alpine formation was forming on earth and the middle-sea was established in Europe.

Astrophotography is always a travel back in time, in this peculiar case, it is only a short trip...


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