M 27

Image data acquistion of OSC, O3 and HA Stargazer-Observatory, LRGB image data by Picard observatory

scroll down to see the full size versions of LRGB (16RC) + HA, O3, OSC (9" TMB Apo).

Date: July 2007 - 9" TMB Apo; June+July+August 2008 - 9" TMB Apo: O3 and HA; August and October 09 - 16" RC LRGB.

Scope: 9" TMB Apo f/6.8 using Astrophysicsreducer for OSC, Ha, O3 CCD H16;

CCD: SXV M25C - 3.8 hours(8 + 10min frames); Astronomic IIc (HA and O3)

SXV H16: 7 hours 2x2 binned H-Alpha ; 3 hours 2x2 binned O3.

Sbig 11k: 16" RC f/9.1 + TS flattener and LRGB by Picard Observatory.

August to October 09: 16" RC + Astrodon LRGB

14x lum @ 1x1, 600s
11x red @ 2x2, 600s
25x green @ 2x2, 600s
35x blue @ 2x2, 600s

Software: AstroArt4 image acquisition, CCD Soft, preprocessing in CCD Stack, Maxim Dl, CCD Sharp; postprocessing in PS CS4.

full size OSC only

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