Sternenfotografie Dr. Hager

Lichtverschmutzung geht uns alle an!
Light-pollution bears on us.

Symposium 2011 AEC & AFO Linz

18. und 19. November 2011. Symposium in deutscher Sprache.

“Das Ende der Nacht”

Nachlese zum Symposium zum Thema “Lichtverschmutzung” in Linz 18.+19.11.2011

Die Referenten des Symposiums:
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Thomas Posch, Wilfried Doppler, Dietmar Hager, Sandor Isepy, Nikolaus Thiemann, Martin Donat

Wir danken den Referenten für die Genehmigung, die Referate veröffentlichen zu dürfen!
Moderatoren und Organisatoren des Symposiums (v.l.n.r):

Gabriele Kaiser, Moderation      

Michaela Wimplinger, Organisation         

Christopher Weidinger, Organisation      

Dietmar Hager, Moderation

2010 Ars Electronica Festival

Date: 6th of September 2010
Place: Ars Electronica Festival

Topic: Light pollution
“The esthetics of light”
Thomas Posch, Othmar Cosar, Norbert Chmel, Dietmar Hager.
Eckehart “Lox” Loidoldt



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click image for the introductional talk from my perspective as a physician and astro-photographer:

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DDr. Thomas Posch

Philosopher and professional Astronomer in Vienna

Norbert Chmel

light-desinger and artist in Germany and Austria

Andreas Böhlke

Light-designer and light-artist in Berlin

Othmar Cosar

ChiefInspector and consultant for environmental criminality in Linz, Austria.

Dietmar Hager

Astrophotographer, Physician, Counselor of the AEC, F.R.A.S.

Eckehart “Lox” Loidolt,

you have my very thanks for being such a resourceful and eloquent moderator on this very afternoon!
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Mag. Stefan Mittlböck

manager and organizer of the Media-Fassades Festival.
Thanks for opening doors!
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It is now about time to thank the organizers – specifically Stefan Mittlböck – of the Ars Electronica Festival for opening doors to a most delicate topic for modern society. I think the symposium was a great success in attempting to bring very opposite perspectives together into a common viewpoint to look at light-pollution. I also want to thank you, Thomas, Othmar, Norbert, Andreas and Eckehart for being the essential part of the symposium!

Get more close information on Light-pollution:

PDF on light-pollution in German (pdf)

About the danger of arteficial light at night. Click image to see an educational video on light-pollution from the perspective of several scientists. (in German)

Film-maker, Director and Cut: Wolfgang Schober

TV-Interview on light-pollution (in German).
(c) Bildungs-TV (click image)

Lecture on light-pollution I gave in the common hospital of Linz Austria (German)
(click image to see the presentation)