NGC 3718 + NGC 3729

This rendition is dedicated to HH the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso.

Also available at NASA website.

Date: (10.2.+24.2.08-60min)+29.3.2008- seeing 7-8/10; transp. 9-10/10

Scope: 9" TMB Apo f/9 Lum; f/7 OSC

CCD: SXV H16 L: 27x10 min; SXVF M25C 27x10 min

Software: AstroArt4 image acqu. guiding, preprocessing: Maxim DL; Registax; CCD sharp

Processing: postprocess. PS CS2 and Pix InSight LE



Discovered by W. Herschel in April 1789 NGC 3718 is located in the constellation of the big dipper and is to be categorized as a Seyfert galaxy. It holds 8.2 by 3.5 arc minutes and appears to be 10m6 bright for the visual observer. While the galaxy is in a distance of some 52 Mio light years from earth, it's warped spiral shape is pertubated by the neighbourghing galaxy NGC 3729, which is devided from 3718 by 150000 light years. Both are therefor interacting in a gravitational way, like the fainter galaxy couple south to 3718. These group of galaxies (Hickson 56 by name) is more than 400 Mio lightyears away from our planet.


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