...invited talks and visiting friends around the globe...

Here are some selected images from some of the talks I have given at several places on various occasions.


Opening of TWAN @AEC 6th of October 2011.

from left to right: Joe Stübler (AWB, TWAN Austria-Koordinator), Babak Tafreshi (TWAN head),

Gernot Meiser (Germany TWAN Koordiantor), Dietmar Hager, Christoph Kremer (AEC Director).

Gerfrfied Stocker opening the TWAN exhibition on 6th of October 2011.

the global application-tool. turn the earth and find TWAN spots with pics and information.

...pondering onm light-pollution during TWAN opening.

some of the best panorama-images of TWAN photographers have been animated with text and music from THOMAS NORDWEST.

Joe Stübler proudly presenting the contributors of Austria's corner.

guests of TWAN opening.


Dancing under the stars @ AEC 15th of September 2011.

Thomas Nordwest and Dietmar Hager entertained 150 people with 3d star-show and sonorous music.

Thomas Nordwest musitaining the people.


spare-time during Ars Electronica Festival in August, September 2011

Jerry Bonnell visiting stargazer-observatory

Jery checking up the flat-mirrors insinde the 9" TMB folded apo

showing Jerry around. visiting a 1000 year old tower (Waxenberg).

together with Herbert Raab (chairman LAG) in Kepler Observatory Linz.


18th of Nov 2010: "Milky way" @Ars Electronica Center

...people preparing for the show with 3d-shutter-glasses

...sun and its planets are just one out of myrides of stars embedded in a giant universe...

The universe in 3d stereo is simply overwhelming!

displaying the magentic shield of earth in 3d stereo.

having a superb image taken at VLT-site by Yuri Beletski to demonstrate a perfect clear sky without

light pollution and pointing out the center of our milky-way (laserbeam)

...people hovering leasurley by the milky way.

Having Gerfried Stocker (artistic CEO of AEC) open a show I recently gave for more than 150 people presentating some new features of Uniview

@Ars Electronica Center about "milky way".

displaying expolanets being "privileged" by our radio-waves we commenced to send out some 70 years ago...


...explaining the origin of the milky-way by myth...


Joe Stübler, F.R.A.S (to the right) and Austrian Coordinator of AWB (Astronomers without borders), visiting the 9" folded TMB Apo.


preparing a show @AEC.

...scaling the universe with UNIVIEW in 3d stereo

displaying earth's magnetic field in 3d stereo.

September 16th 2010: Lecture about impact of stars on humanity over the ages. Stellar constellations, mythology, uniview.


Talk on light-pollution at Ars Electronica Festival 2010. (click image to see video).

I am glad the Ars Electronica Festival opened doors to a symposium on light-pollution

I initiated for this year's Ars Festival from 2cd to 11th of Sept. 2010. Thank you Gerfried Stocker !

Live panel-discussion on light-pollution at Ars Festival 2010. Click image to

follow the entire discussion. Moderator was MSc Dipl Ing. Eckehard (Lox) Loidoldt.


click the image to learn more.

click here for ESO-Report


presenting some high resolved professional astro-images at AEC

presenting some high resolved professional astro-images at AEC

Satellites and planets in 3d stereo

Planets heading their courses around the sun.


7. CCD Workshop Stuttgart X/2009

Giving an invited talk on astrophotography at the Carl Zeiss Planetarium

Visiting the Stuttgart Observatory. To the left: Helmut Christian Bauer, organizer of the renown CCD workshops in Stuttgart.

The famous 7 inch Carl Zeiss refracotor of the "schwäbische Sternwarte"


left to right: MA Matthias Eck UNESCO, Dr. Margit Niederhuber UNESCO, Dietmar Hager FRAS, Sonja Baltres Eventmanagement,

MR Dr. Christine Stromberger BMUKK, Mag. Dr. Sigrid Berkebile-Stoisser Inst. Physics Graz, Dr. Konstanze Zwintz, Inst. for Astronomy Vienna

talking to studenst from UNESCO-schools about light pollution @AEC on 19th of October.


...my headmounted OP-microscope (Varioscop M5) is perfectly dedicated to observe meteorites @ AEC.

AEC astro-exhibition opening ceremony July 09 (click line to see video-clip)

Giving a 3d-Stereo demo of the "uniview-application" @ AEC.

Talking about the human eye, microcosmos and astrophotgraphy @ AEC.

pondering about what happens in the human eye/brain to see and understand an image.

associated Video (C) Erich Pröll, Dietmar Hager, Thomas Nordwest, future lab/AEC.

Giving an invited talk about light pollution at 80+1 basecamp

the main square of linz - ready for sternennacht on 3rd of Sept. 09.

ÖWF providing astronaut-suits and mars-rover model.

astronaut-training facility...

People listenting to myth about star-constellations and astronomical objects embedded within the constellations.

Live music performance by Thomas Nordwest and friends

"the rolling stars and planets" - life performance at "sternennacht" at the main-square of Linz.

8 inch f/9 TMB Apo from Petrinum school Linz.

people using several scopes for observation...unfortunaltely clouds rolled in...

people listening to ESO-skype Session and live-con with Franz Kerschbaum (Herschel-satellite specialist)

linz - illuminated and under reduced lights. (move mouse over to see the difference). Sept 3rd 09.


giving some lectures on astrophotography, light pollution and astronomy per se

@ Wissensturm May 09


giving an invited talk on micro- andmacro-cosmos @CEDIC april 09


live discussion on light-pollution @ Kepler-Salon

(silvia keller, dietmar hager, günther wuchterl, othmar cosar)

click line to hear the audio-stream of the discussion (german)


Giving a CCD-workshop at the Techn. University of Vienna - hosted by "Teleskop u. Sternwartezentrum"


giving an invited talk at MAF starparty in Denmark.


Nov 08: Giving an invited talk and a CCD image processing workshop at "Telescopservice" in Putzbrunn, Germany.

You can find the presentation I gave here.

(click image to see full size)

My host for the evening was Wolfgang Ransburg - head of "Teleskopservice". Wolfi, it was a great event I think

and I enjoyed being with you guys!

face to face at last. After years of internet-friendship we finally made it to meet in person.

Thorsten Brandes is our "chief" of the online-astroforum "Deepsky". Thorsten, I hope

we can do this again some time.

...the man dressed in a green jacket would be the author...*g*


Invited talk at St. Johann's public school X/08. Kids are wonderful audience as they soak up all

information like dry spunch. I loved being with you guys! Thanks to the Head of the school Mr. Sageder.


AME 2008. Meeting Immo Gerber (the most hairy guy of the three of us). Immo, it was great to finally meet face to face!


Well, actually we never met Matt Harding, other than in the web... But when I introduced him to my family, after having

learned about him on the web just by chance, this virtual meeting had quite an impact, as you can probably tell by clicking

THIS (or the image above)

if you wanna learn about Matt Harding - click HERE


June 2008 - Visting Hannes Hasebergen and Klaus Eikmeier in Germany.



(Invited talk at NEAIC)

The huge show in Suffern. Click image to see full size (mosaic-Sony T7)

Jim Burnell (left) and Robert Moore were the organizers and my hosts of the giant show! You did a great job guys!

Alan Friedman and me. Thanks to Alan's 90mm Coronado Scope we had some gorgeous h2-views this day between some high athmospheric haze.

Warren Keller and Greg Hartke. Face to face at last after being friends over years on the SX and OSC Yahoo group

Most renowned narrow band imager Neil Fleming and me. Neil cranks out some fantastic NB stuff despite being located in the middle of Boston!

L2R: Michael Hattey, me, Terry Platt, Warren Keller and Greg Hartke. The SX-5 (...on this image at least...)

Michael Bakich from Astronomy Magazine.

Tom Trusock from most famous NC forum.

Jerry Smith (middle) among 2 happy customers. Jerry's domes rule!

R Jay GaBany, Ken Crawford, Neil Fleming, Mike Siniscalche, Martin Winder, Dietmar Hager, Don Goldman

Manhatten Skyline as seen from the Staten Island ferry. Click image to see full size (mosaic Sony T7)


London Astrofest Feb.2008

Richard, Terry and Michael from Starlight Xpress staff. It was great to chat with you after all those years

of smooth cooperation! I enjoyed myself being around with you guys!


invited talk on CCD techniques at Gahberg-CCD workshop May 2008

invited talk at Ursulinenhof Linz March 2008


Rick Auerbach and his 10" f/9 TMB Apo October 2007

Visiting Rick Auerbach in Tucson Arizona.

Rick and his 10" f/9 TMB Apo.


Matthias Wirth from Germany September 2007

Matthias brought his wonderful 'light-buckett' along...

Matthias and me in the observatory

The "creator" and its "child"...


Jeff Johnson from N.M. June 2007

Jeff Johnson form NM Las Cruzes was here in July 2007. Hey Jeff, it was a great time having you here. hope to reciprocate the visit in near future!


Liguria 2005 + 2006

14" f/4.6 Orion Dobsonian

90mm Coronade Solarscope 0.5 Angström - double filter


Stargate Observatory of Markus Ludes APM

12" f/12 TMB Apo; 24" f/4.6 Starmaster Zambuto Dobsonian; 25x150 Fujinon Bino; 140mm Coronoado solarfilter


Andras Dan from Hungary - Head of Gemini 2004

Andras Dan, the creator of the Gemini Mountegra and one of his happy customers, namely stargazer.

Andras upgrading Pulsar

The "Creator" content with his creation - Mountegra.



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